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OSP offers a wide variety of accessories to meet your well construction needs. These include Dissovable Balls, Stop Collars, Cable Wipers, Cement Baskets,, Depth Orientation Markers, Casing Dope and Thread Locking Compound.

Dissolvable Balls

  • Temperature Rating: 100° F to 350° F

  • Pressure Rating: Up to 15,000 psi

  • Dissolve Fluid Type: Brine or Fresh Water Based

  • Specific Gravity: Fresh Water Based = 2.7   Chloride Based = 1.85

Stop Collars

  • Hinged or Slip-On stop collars

  • Can be used in cased hole and open hole environments

  • Used with OSP's centralizers

  • Available for close tolerance applications

Cable Wipers 

  • Hinged, Reciprocating and Rotating cable wall wipers

  • Aides in cleaning the wellbore as the casing is reciprocated or rotated

  • Helps removal excess filter cake, gelled mud and bit cuttings

Cement Baskets

  • Both Slip-on and Hinged Configurations

  • Cased Hole and Open Hole Applications

  • Aids in cement de-hydration

  • Helps reduce hydrostatic fluid column above a loss zone or weak formation

  • Creates a bridge in the annulus to help prevent cement from falling back down hole

Cementing Tools Accessories

  • Casing handling pups for ACPs

  • Stage cementing tools with plug sets

  • PDC drillable cementing plugs

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