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Annular Casing Packers

The Annular Casing Packer (ACP) is engineered to perform in a broad scope of applications including cement integrity, selective reservoir stimulation, and isolation of oil, gas & water zones. 

Installed in the casing/wellbore annulus or casing/casing annulus, ACPs are designed for high performance isolation in critical oil and gas, as well as, geothermal applications. 


  • Standard tools in 4, 10, and 20 ft lengths 

  • Discontinuous ribbed elements in 10 and 20 ft. lengths that facilitate optimum job evaluation and conformation in washed-out boreholes 

  • Application-specific elastomers that optimize performance in temperature extremes up to 350°F (177°C) and wellbore chemical environments 

  • Advanced valve system with lock out inflation control valve assures accurate packer inflation and closing for life-of-well zonal isolation 

  • Inflation with mud, water or cement 

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