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Casing Wiper Plugs

Oilfield Service Professionals provides complete line of down-hole casing wiper plugs. Sizes range from 2-3/8” tubing plugs to 16” casing plugs. We offer standard rubber covered plugs with aluminium cores and premium, PDC drillable, plugs molded from urethane.

For our standard rubber plugs, we offer SBR and Nitrile. For higher temperature applications, we offer HNBR and Fluorocarbon (FKM). For higher wear resistance, we offer High Carbon-black Nitrile (HCN). 

Non-rotating Plugs

Available for surface launch applications, OSP offers anti-rotating plug system. This system incorporates our latest generation of mechanism to prevent plug rotation while drilling out.

Latch-Down Plugs

Latch-in plugs provide cost effective solutions for fluid separation and the removal of excess mud and cement film from the casing wall, while cementing production tubing or completion strings.


The ratchet latch system allows multiple bottom plugs to be run and latched into each other and into compatible float equipment. Latch-in plugs can withstand high plug bump and backpressures. Precision high pressure rupture discs allow the plugs to run through restrictions without premature rupture. HNBR wiper fins provide superior wear resistance and high temperature performance, eliminating the need for clean out or scraper runs.

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