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Liner Hangers

Max-R™ is a patented low friction composite drilling and completions centralizers that has been made specifically for today’s extended reach operations. Max-R™ centralizers are designed to convey well screens, completion tool strings and typical casing and tubing strings into highly deviated and challenging horizontal wellbores. The 100% metal-free polymer Max-R™ centralizers are made from proprietary blends of premium engineering grade polymers. This makes them robust, durable and able to deliver superior performance to take your further, faster.

Max-R™ Pioneer

  • Low friction, high strength

  • Patented SHOCK RINGS™ for axial shock protection to the leading edge of the centralizer; low friction bearing face during pipe rotation and no centralizer ‘rock’

  • Cemented casing and liners

  • Provides positive standoff above and below annular casing packers

  • Well screens, slotted liners run with swell packers

  • Max operating temperature of 250°C/ 482°F

  • Sizes 4-1/2" to 9-5/8" (various ODs)

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