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Stage Cementing Tools

Stage Tools allow cementing of wells in multiple stages, specifically in cementing applications where high hydrostatic pressure could fracture a formation. This tool was designed to help sustain well integrity, assist with lost circulation zones, low hydrostatic pressure must be maintained. Used in wells with weak formations, the 2 stage mechanical stage tool can be used in the select areas of the wellbore that require isolation.


Stage Tools can reduce time and pumping pressure while improving efficiency at every stage of the job.

  • Optional PDC Drillable seats (composite)

  • Standard with HNBR seals (up to 350° F)

  • Optional in 2-3 stage configurations

  • Shut-off plug sets are available for use when used in conjunction with an annular casing packer (ACP)

  • Mechanically operated to prevent tool from opening or closing during pressure surges.

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