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Drill Pipe Circulating

DPC™ System

The Drill Pipe Circulating DPC™ System and WorkOver Drill Pipe Circulator WODPC™ Systems were designed to safely and efficiently pump in and pump out of the hole, assist in high pressure expansion of casing / liners and reduce effects while running in hole.

The System is mounted on one bail and is connected to the mud system and pneumatic control panel. The system consists of 3 primary components:

  1. Pneumatic Control Panel

  2. DPC™ / WODPC™ Tool

  3. Hose Assembly

The Control Panel is used to articulate the tool over the tool joint and make-up either 6,000 PSI or 10,000 PSI rated connections in less than 10 seconds. Once the system is sealed to the tool joint, fluid can be circulated through the pipe or tubing. The tool is compatible with all sizes and connections of tubing and drill pipe from 1-1/2" to 6-5/8".

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