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The WorkOver Drill Pipe Circulator (WODPC™) is designed to be remotely controlled from the rig floor or on the ground next to the work over rig. The unit is used to quickly connected or disconnect from tubing or drill pipe tool joints ranging from 1-1/2" to 3-1/2" connections.

The WorkOver Drill Pipe Circulator, or WODPC™, can circulate, pump in/out of the hole, and expand casing or liners. This tool makes it practical and saves time in pumping and circulating on workover and drilling rigs.

The WODPC™ is mounted on one bail and is connected to the mud system and pneumatic control panel. The system consists of 3 components:

  1. Control Panel

  2. WODPC™ Tool

  3. Hose Assembly

The Control Panel is used to articulate the tool over the tool joint and make-up 10,000 PSI connections less than 10 seconds. Once the system is sealed to the tool joint, fluid can be circulated through the pipe, while tripping in and out the hole. The system is utilized for high pressures casing expansion, as well as, various drilling and clean-out applications.

WODPC_On Job_03.jpg

Features & Benefits

  • Circulating connections made in seconds

  • Circulating to condition mud while tripping in and out of the hole

  • Pumping in/out the hole while in tight spots or washing thew bridges

  • Saves rig crews from lifting any equipment

  • Used as a Safety Device to keep the rig crew from going up in the derrick

  • Easy change subs for different tubing and drill pipe connections

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